Dr. Angel Ma Hernandez Guerra

Dr. Angel Ma Hernandez Guerra |Clyto Access

CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Spain

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Neurology, CT Scanning

Bio: Dr. Angel Ma Hernandez-Guerra achieved his Ph.D in the year 2008 in Cardenal Herrera-CEU University in Valencia, Spain. Since the year 2000 he is responsible for the clinical neurology and neurosurgery and CT scan service in the University Veterinary Clinical Hospital. He has   been certified as Neurologist in 2014 by the Spanish Small Animal Veterinary Association (AVEPA). He is also Member of the European Society of Veterinary Neurology(ESVN). He has been honored as a member   of the “Dutch Association for Veterinary Orthomanual Medicine” (NVOMD). He is also the Author of multiple papers both at national and international level as well as books chapter in neurology and Computed Tomography.

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