Dr. Azza Abdel Gawad Tantawy Zaghloul

Dr. Azza Abdel Gawad Tantawy Zaghloul |Clyto Access

Ain Shams University, Egypt

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Diagnosing and treating various childhood hematological and oncological disorders, Genetic diseases and disorders

Bio: Dr. Azza A.G. Tantawy is a professor of pediatrics in Ain Shams University, Egypt. He completed his doctoral degree thesis with a title of ìHuman T- lymphotropic virus I in Egyptian  childhood acute leukemia" from Ain Shams University. Prof. Azza Tantawy is currently an active member of Hematology - Oncology Unit Childrení s Hospital, European Haematology association (EHA) ,the International Society of Haematology (ISH), the Egyptian Society of Hematology, member of  the Egyptian Society of Cancer, and the Egyptian  Group of Pediatric Oncology. He is the also the Head of the Pediatric division of the The Arab Society of Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobials ASIDA.

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