Dr. Carlos Azevedo

Dr. Carlos Azevedo |Clyto Access

University of Porto, Portugal

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Microparasites, Pathology of aquatic fauna, Apicomplexa, Haplosporidia, Microsporidia, Myxozoa phyla, developing the life cycles, ultrastructure and phylogeny

Dr. Carlos Azevedo did his PhD in Cell Biology from University of Porto, Portugal and currently serving as a full professor of Cell Biology in the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Portugal and as a visiting professor in the Federal rural University of Amazonas, Belém (Pará State), Brazil. He has published more than two hundred  papers in different journals. The first publications were developed in Spermatology of aquatic fauna. After 1984 he developed the research in microparasitology and Pathology describing about 70 new species of microparasites of the aquatic fauna.

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