Dr. Christos Argirusis

Dr. Christos Argirusis |Clyto Access

National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Nanomaterials, X-ray Diffraction, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Electron Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Nanoparticles, Electrochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Fuel Cells


Dr. Christos Argirusis is a Chemist with PhD in Chemical Engineering. He is working in the area of materials engineering with special interest in preparation methods of nanomaterials, using ultrasound and hydrodynamic cavitation, microwaves etc. Presently he is working at National Technical University of Athens, Greece, as associate professor and director of the Laboratory of Inorganic Materials Technology at the School of Chemical Engineering. His research group works currently on the preparation of nanomaterials both metallic and ceramic as well as metal-ceramic composites for various applications such as catalysts, metal organic frameworks for gas storage or drug delivery, activated electrodes for energy conversion devices etc.  Other research interests focus on electrophoretic deposition, transport properties in condensed matter and sono-electrochemistry. He has published 85 peer reviewed journal papers and more than 120 conference papers. He is the treasurer of the European Society of Sono-chemistry, vice president of the Greek Ceramic Society and visiting scientist in TU Clausthal, Germany.

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