Dr. Danail Hristozov

Dr. Danail Hristozov |Clyto Access

University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Italy

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Dr. Danail Hristozov is a senior researcher at University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Italy. He is currently performing integrative research across the fields of risk assessment and governance of engineered nanomaterials as the principal investigator of the large-scale European research project SUN. Over the last years Danail contributed to several EU projects, including Calibrate, NanoFASE, MARINA, NANOforART, ENPRA, ITS-NANO, GLOCOM, ECONANOSOPRB and EPSEI, also as research staff of the private sector companies Venice Research Consortium and Veneto Nanotech. Before moving to Italy, Danail worked at Malsch Techno Valuation, a consultancy firm in the Netherlands, where he specialized in Technological Assessment of emerging technologies in the Observatory Nano and ICPC NanoNet projects. In his early years as a researcher, he was employed at the Chair of Industrial Sustainability of the Brandenburg University of Technology in Germany, where he studied the benefits and risks of engineered nano materials for the environment and the human health. In these projects Danail developed highly interdisciplinary research using methodological approaches and tools integrating knowledge from Occupational Hygiene, Consumer Safety, Industrial Sustainability, Sociology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, Decision Science, Mathematics and Statistics. The high quality of his research results is highlighted by acceptance of his research papers (often as a first author) in high-ranking international journals.
Danail has started initiatives to promote his research internationally and to transfer knowledge and skills to the new generations of researchers. Specifically, he founded the Working Group on “Training” and co-chairs the Working Group on “Risk” of the European NanoSafety Cluster. He also launched and currently co-chairs the Society for Risk Analysis Roundtable with the NanoSafety Cluster, which aims at advancing science and policy, training and education, information exchange and dissemination in the nano safety research area. He has been a member in the scientific programme committees of numerous conferences, workshops and training schools”




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