Dr. Edit Csapo

Dr. Edit Csapo |Clyto Access

University of Szeged, Hungary


Expertise: Skills and expertise, Surface Plasmon Resonance Plasmonics Analytical Chemistry, Spectroscopy Organic Chemistry Gold Nanoparticles SPR


Dr. Edit CsapĆ³ is a senior research fellow at the MTA-SZTE Supramolecular and Nanostructured Materials Research Group, Department of Medical Chemistry, University of Szeged, Hungary. She graduated as a Chemist at 2006, she has PhD degree in Chemistry from 2010. She is working in the area of nanomaterials with special interest in the biocompatible fabrication of noble metal colloids and nanosized fluorescent gold clusters. Besides the optimization of the syntheses the nanostructures have been characterized by different spectroscopic techniques. Other research interests focus on the study of the interaction between proteins and drug molecules by using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy. She has published 31 journal papers and more than 50 conference papers (impact ca. 80, citation ca. 300.) 




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