Dr. Emine Umran Bozkurt

Dr. Emine Umran Bozkurt |Clyto Access

Kirikkale University, Turkey

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Sense organs and their nerves, Behaviours and training of animals

Bio: Prof. Dr. Emine Umran Bozkurt, Professor Doctor in Veterinary Anatomy Department of Kırıkkale University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kirikkale, Turkey. She received her Ph D and D Sc degrees from Institute of Health Sciences, Ankara University. She worked in Tierartzliche Hochschule Hannover, Germany. She is an anatomist specialized in the fields on sense organs and  their functions in animals, osteologic patterns and stereology methods. She has a book chapter in Veterinary Anatomy Textbook. Co-author of scientific papers in international journals. She is also a member of Turkish Veterinary Anatomists Association.

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