Dr. Giuseppe Mucci

Dr. Giuseppe Mucci  |Clyto Access

CEO and Founder of Bioscience Clinic Middle East

Keynote Speaker

Expertise: Stem Cell Therapies

Dr. Giuseppe Mucci graduated in Movement Science at Faculty of Medicine in Urbino Italy. He is Professor of Bio-Economy at the University of Lugano (Switzerland) and Advisory Board Member of the University Roma Tor Vergata. He established Bioscience Institute in San Marino - Italy in 2007 and Bioscience Clinic in Dubai UAE in 2013, those facilities are Regenerative Medicine compound (Cell Factory and Clinic) specialized in autologous Stem Cells Therapies. In 2014 he created the University spin-off Bioscience Genomics in Milan and Rome, which it consist of genomics platform for sequencing of fetal DNA and cancer cells.




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