Dr. ImreDékány

Dr. ImreDékány |Clyto Access

University of Szeged, Hungary

Keynote Speaker

Expertise: Colloid chemistry, Nanotechnology

Dr. Imre Dékány was born in Szeged and attended his schools there. In 1970 he graduated as a chemist at the Attila József University and worked at the Department of Colloid Chemistry. He obtained his Doctorate of Chemical Sciences in 1989 and was appointed to Full Professor in 1990. He was DAAD Fellow (1977-78), Humboldt Fellow (1986-87) at the University of Munich and visiting professor in Jülich Research Center, Germany in 1991. Besides the german cooperation he was visiting professor in USA, in 1994 and in Japan, in 1998. 

He has been the head of the Colloid Chemistry Department (1989-2008); the vice dean of the Faculty of Science (1987-90), vice rector of the Attila József University (1992-94) and vice rector of the University of Szeged (2003-2009). In 2008, he was appointed as the head of the Physical Chemistry Department and later the head of Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science. 

He is or was member/chairman of different Hungarian and international Committees and Editorial Boards. In 2001, he was elected as a correspondent member and in 2007 as a full member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Main topics of his research interest are colloid chemistry and nanotechnology. He is the author of more than 480 papers and 25 patents. He was the head of Nanostructured Materials Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of  Sciences (1998-2007) and he is the chairman of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Szeged Regional Committee (2008-2014). He received the Eduard-Raphael-Lisegang Prise (Germany Colloid Society) in 2000, Szilárd Leo Fellowship (ALCOA Foundation) in 2006, Albert Szent-Györgyi prize (Hungarian Government) in 2007, Gabor Denes Prize and “Master teacher” Award in 2009.




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