Dr. Jean-Marc Laurens

Dr. Jean-Marc Laurens |Clyto Access

ENSTA Bretagne, France

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Marine propellers, Energy Saving Devices, Ship resistance, Ship stability and Tidal water turbines

Bio: Dr Jean-Marc Laurens (HDR since 2005) is a researcher and a lecturer at ENSTA Bretagne since 2000. He is also in charge of the naval and offshore engineering training program and the associated Master. Before this present position he was the CFD group head at the Bassin d Essais des Carènes in Val de Reuil, the principal naval hydrodynamics research facility in France with the largest towing tank and the largest cavitation tunnel in Europe. In total he cumulates more than 20 year of experience in naval hydrodynamics. His lectures are concentrated in fluid dynamics, ship stability and naval hydrodynamics, principally resistance and propulsion. He is currently the thesis advisor for five Ph.D. students. The topics are ship stability in extreme conditions, tidal turbines, trawlers propulsion device and hydrodynamic ram in a confined tank. Recently he conducted one thesis on the porpoising foil as a propulsion device (France Floc h 2011) and one thesis on sheet cavitation (Surasak Phoemsapthawee 2009). These two topics are relevant to the present project especially the first one. Since 2005, he has published two scientific books, more than ten articles scientific journals, more than twenty papers in international conferences and he is regularly invited to chair sessions and to sit on conferences scientific committees.

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