Dr. Jian-Hua Zhang

Dr. Jian-Hua Zhang |Clyto Access

National Institute of Health, USA

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Metabolic diseases, Molecular signaling, Biomarkers, Neurologic diseases

Bio: Dr. Jian-Hua Zhang obtained his Ph.D. in the fields of molecular biology and microbiology from Department of Plant Pathology at Washington State University for studies of the genetic and molecular mechanisms of Syringomycin synthesis in bacteria. He received postdoctoral training in College of Veterinary Medicine of Washington State University where he studied the structure and purification of angiotensin IV, another type of peptide with important neurological functions. The analogs of angiotensin IV has recently been shown effective in treatment of Alzheimer s and Parkinson s diseases. He came to NIH, as visiting fellow and later as research fellow, to study a protein complex containing Gnb5, R7-RGS and R7BP proteins in Metabolic Disease Brach, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health. He also started working on molecular mechanisms of the tumor suppressor gene, CDC73/HRPT2, encoding a protein called parafibromin.

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