Dr. Julie A. Gard

Dr. Julie A. Gard |Clyto Access

Auburn University, USA

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Embryo technologies, Lameness, Pinkeye, Mastitis, Emergency response.

Bio: Dr. Gard is an Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences at AUCVM. She is boarded in Theriogenology, Bovine specialty and her PhD work involved BVDV and embryotransfer. Her interests include: embryo technologies, mastitis, BVDV, trichomoniasis, emergency preparedness, as well as studies involving foot development in cattle. She is a member of a number of scientific societies such as the: AVMA, ALVMA, AABP, IETS, AETA, USAHA, AAVLD, SFT, and ACT. She is also as member of the scientific editorial board of the Journal of Veterinary Dairy Science and Medicine

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