Dr. Ming-Chieh Shun

Dr. Ming-Chieh Shun |Clyto Access

Case Western Reserve University, USA

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Primate lentiviruses, Molecular pathogenesis, Antivirals, Hiv and Siv

Dr. Ming-Chieh Shun has been in the HIV field for about 10 years. His work at Case Western Reserve University helped establish critical roles for a host protein CPSF6 and viral accessory proteins, Vpx and Vpr in HIV replication. They identified a novel host factor,   apostreplication DNA repair helicase, as a new common target of HIV-1/SIVcpz Vprproteins. His current work focuses on Vpr function in HIV-1 reverse transcription in the presence of limiting dNTP concentrations in non dividing cells. Before he joined Case Western Reserve University, he developed a useful LEDGF mouse knockout to study HIV pathogenesis, and determined the importance of several amino acids within the PWWP domain of LEDGF in HIV-1 replication.

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