Dr. Pei Wen Li

Dr. Pei Wen Li |Clyto Access

National Chio Tung University, Taiwan

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Si-Ge nanostructures and devices, Germanium quantum dots, Photodetectors

Dr. Pei-Wen Li received the Bachelor degree in Electrophysics from National Chiao-Tung University in 1989, and received the Master and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in New York in 1991 and 1994, respectively.Her Ph.D. dissertation was focused on the study of low temperature oxidation of SiGe alloys and she has successfully demonstrated the first pure SiGe-channel pMOSFETs  SiGe pMOSFETs with gate oxide fabricated by microwave electron cyclotron resonance plasma. In 1995, she joined the R/D technology division of Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation working on the process development and integration of 64M DRAM. Then, she joined I-Shou University as a faculty in the department of Electronic Engineering in 1996, where her research was focused on the characterization of InGaAsN material properties and its application on HEMT and HBT related devices. She joined the department of Electrical Engineering, National Central University as an associate professor in 2000, was promoted to be a professor since August 2005, and served as the department chairman during 2007-2010. Currently she is the director of the Center for Nanoscience and Technology, National Central University in charge of the core facility for nano fabrication and nano characterization.

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