Dr. Reza Khodarahmi

Dr. Reza Khodarahmi  |Clyto Access

University in Kermanshah, Iran

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: In vitro characterization, Amyloid aggregation, Drug protein interaction, Enzyme inhibition, Nano drug delivery

Bio: Dr. Reza  Khodarahmi received  his  BSc  degree  in  general  Biology from  the  Razi  University-Kermanshah  and  then  graduated  in Biochemistry (MSc) from the Tarbiat Modarres University-Tehran, and finally  received  his  PhD  degree  in  2005  from  the  Institute  of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the University of Tehran for his studies on the  effects of artificial chaperones on protein misfolding and aggregation. Since  2007, he has held a position in the school of Pharmaceutical Sciences(and Medical  Biology Research Center), Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences.

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