Dr. Robert DeLong

Dr. Robert DeLong |Clyto Access

Nanotechnology Innovation Center, USA

Advisory Board Member
Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Nanomaterials, Anti-Cancer RNA Nanoconjugates, Biomolecular Interactions, DNA vaccine particles

Bio: Dr. Rob DeLong is an associate professor in the Nanotechnology Innovation Center Kansas State (NICKS). In 2014 he moved his laboratory and research programs to NICKS which is housed in the department of anatomy and physiology in the college of veterinary medicine at Kansas State University. Previously he taught at Missouri State University and has one textbook on Biomolecular Interactions for the molecular biology and biochemistry laboratory published by Academic Press/Elsevier in 2015. Prior to that he worked in biopharma where his group translated DNA vaccine particles from bench to clinic and he received 13 US and international patents. His research group is currently studying the effects of nanomaterials on the structure, function and delivery of RNA and proteins designed to intercede critical pathways in cancer and infectious disease. His lab has received funding from the National Science Foundation and previous awards from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the National Institute of Health and more recently the American Physiology Society, particularly for the engagement of minority and undergraduate students in research.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, biking, fly-fishing for trout and grouse hunting with his bird dog.

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