Dr. Sue Hudson Duran

Dr. Sue Hudson Duran |Clyto Access

Auburn University, USA

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamic, Transdermal vaccinations, Antiviral therapy, Gastrointestinal ulcer therapy

Bio: Dr. Duran has been a clinical pharmacist at the veterinary college since 1975 and currently serves as a Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences.She has a pharmacy degree from Auburn University, and completed an internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital where she was director of the Intravenous Admixture Department for three years. She completed a Master in Pharmacology and Veterinary Pharmacology in 1978 from Auburn and completed board certification of veterinary pharmacy in 2000. She completed her doctorate of pharmacal science in 2003.Dr. Duran has been president, president at large, and member at large of the International Society of Veterinary Hospital Pharmacists. She is the chair of the Board Certification Committee of the International College of Veterinary Pharmacy. Dr. Duran served as a member of the Veterinary Medical Advisory Board for the Food and Drug Administration from 1993-97. She remains a consultant to the FDA. She has been very active in development of standards for veterinary drugs and compounding guidelines for veterinary medicine.She enjoys teaching and serving the clinicians, clients and students. Teaching is a real joy to constantly see young students turn into excellent clinicians.

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