Dr. Wayel Jassem

Dr. Wayel Jassem |Clyto Access

Consultant, King's College Hospital, London, UK


Expertise: Liver Transplant

 Dr. Wayel Jassem graduated from University of Ancona, Italy where he was also trained in General Surgery. He obtained an MD degree working on hepatic ischemia/re-perfusion in rodents in 1996. Between 1997 and 1999 he was a transplant Fellow at Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford, where he worked on cellular and molecular consequences of brain death on donor organs and normothermic perfusion systems for organs prior to transplantation. He moved to King’s College Hospital to be trained in liver transplantation and liver surgery. He has a PhD degree from University of London, investigating gene expression associated with ischemia and ischemic preconditioning in clinical liver transplantation. He performed the first phase one clinical trial in humans using normothermic machine perfusion in liver transplantation. Currently he is a Consultant Surgeon at King’s and his main interest is living donor liver transplantation and optimization of liver for transplantation.




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