Dr. Zafer Okumus

Dr. Zafer Okumus |Clyto Access

Ataturk University, Turkey

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Eye diseases, Soft tissue surgery, Orthopaedics, Foot diseases, Thermography

Bio: Dr. Zafer Okumus is presently Head of the department of Veterinary Surgery, Ataturk University. He has completed his Masters and PhD from Ankara University. He worked as Director, in Experimental Research Center, Ataturk University, Turkey from 2002-2006. He is member of Ethical Board of Ataturk University from 2004. He also worked as the Head of Ethical  Board of Experimental Animal Research of Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey from 2004-2006. He has received many International and National awards for his work,

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