Dr. Zivile Luksiene

Dr. Zivile Luksiene |Clyto Access

Vilnius university, Lithuania

Keynote Speaker


Bio: Dr. Zivile Luksiene, is a Professor, Supreme researcher, head of the division of modern technologies in biomedical sciences, Institute of Applied Research, Vilnius university. She obtained her Ph.D. from Department of Biophysics Moscow University, in 1985. Her field of specializing in Antimicrobial photo nanotechnologies for the safety of food and water, for the preservation of crops and post harvest, for prevention of infectious diseases. Dr. Zivile Luksiene current research focused on "Innovative approaches to inactivate harmful and pathogenic microorganisms in agriculture".  Dr. Zivile Luksiene is a professional member of the international organization like European Society for Photobiology (Netherlands), European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFosT): special interest group on food safety, World harmonization initiative, etc.  Dr. Zivile Luksiene has published more than 119 publications, 145 presentations in the international conferences.




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