Ms.Selivanova Elena

Ms.Selivanova Elena |Clyto Access

National Medical Research Radiological Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

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Expertise: Somatic mutations, radioadaptive and bystander effects, the effect of small doses of radiation on cellular immunity, tumor resistance to radiotherary


Ms. Elena I. Selivanova was carried her  diploma in Moscow State University of M. V. Lomonosov and Ph. D in Radiation Biology. Title of the PhD thesis:  Determination of somatic mutant frequencies of  Glycophorin A loci of person   exposed to ionizing radiation”. Later she started working as a teacher  and research assistant in the Department of Biochemistry of Medical Radiological Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and presently she is working as a senior scientist researcher in the Department of Biochemistry of A.Tsyb Medical Radiological Research Center, branch of the National Medical Research Radiological Center , Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Obninsk, Russia.




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