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World Class Genomic Medical Center in India- Association with Division of Medical Genomics George Washington University Medical Center

Jack Kushner H.Prof Med, BA, MD, MGA, FACS, FICS, FAANS, HDG (Oxford)
George Washington Medical Center, Division of Genomic Medicine, Washington, USA
*Corresponding author:

Jack Kushner, George Washington Medical Center, Division of Genomic Medicine, Washington, USA, Email- jkaoportal@comcast.net

“The aim of Precision Medicine is the same as the aim of personalized medicine which is the realization of medical innovation, including the selection and establishment of the best drugs and treatments for individuals according to personalized prediction and prevention of disease in consideration of all kinds of information—not only the precise medical information by next-generation sequencers, but also information regarding personal environments and lifestyles.”(1)
Genomics is the study and function of genomes, which are the complete set of instructions encoded by the DNA and RNA of a cell. Cancer is a disease of genomic alterations (2,6) Biomolecules such as DNA and enzymes are made up of particles such as protons and electrons and their movement is governed by quantum mechanics. These atoms and molecules are randomly scattered and vibrate erratically inside solid objects. This can be seen via an electron microscope or when these electrons are lined up inside an MRI scanner. (3,5) The sequencing of the human genome has opened the genomic era of personalized medicine in most medical specialties. Because of technological advances, it is now possible to sequence a human genome in a few hours if a facility has the current technology and the human research capability. Although adequate financial resources can be amassed for the construction of a Genomic Medical Center complete with the latest research tools, the training and education of skilled researchers takes more time and funding. Such construction and education requires the co-operation and partnering of government, private industry, and private equity.
There are numerous research centers around the world, two exceptional ones are located at the University of Sheffield and the George Washington University Medical Center. (4) The quality of this research is apparent while reading about the branched nucleic acid molecules that can be accurately processed to produce double-helical DNA. Dr. Timothy McCaffrey at the George Washington University Medical Center has developed biomarker panels for cardiovascular disease, appendicitis, and pneumonia/respiratory infections. As a result, researchers at George Washington can address the enormous market for human disease diagnostics and identify new drug targets. By using the latest single molecule RNA sequencing techniques, the tests are accurate and cost effective.
George Washington University has also developed TruCad which is a ‘liquid angiogram.” This examination senses immune imbalance in blood with great accuracy. TruCad is the first in a collection of comprehensive RNA-based diagnostics to guide precision care. Cardiovascular disease is the largest healthcare market in the US, especially coronary artery disease (CAD), but is largely neglected by genomic advances. The research by Dr. McCaffrey is motivated by the fact that there are more than 600,000 deaths a year from cardiovascular diseases in the US which cost more than 503 billion dollars in total annual expense. In 50% of the cases, a heart attack is the first sign of CAD. More than 1 million diagnostic catheterizations are performed annually in the US costing 16 billion dollars a year. At least 40% of the catheterizations return a normal result and are unnecessary. There are about 9 million myocardial imaging tests performed each year at a cost of 1 billion dollars and 60% of the imaging tests are normal and unnecessary. TruCAD development in 100 patients indicates a 80% accuracy.
Because genomic medicine has changed health care delivery, Dr. McCaffrey in cooperation with George Washington University is starting a program to train and educate foreign researchers in Washington. This requires the formation of a partnership of government with private equity in order to build a world class Genomic Medical Center in the participating country and train about 20 foreign researchers for a period of two years in Washington DC. Also George Washington Medical Center will supervise the construction of the Genomic Medical Center and will collaborate with the newly trained researchers for years to come.

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Published: 11 April 2017


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