Dr. Abdelaziz A. Gohar

Dr. Abdelaziz A. Gohar |Clyto Access

South Valley University, Egypt

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Environmental Impact Assessment, Water Quality, Sustainable Development, Food Security, Crop Management

Dr. Abdelaziz A. Gohar received his PhD in Water Science and Management and Master of Science in Agricultural Economics  from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, USA. His recent research interest in the field of water resources economics and policies that focuses on promoting conservation and economically efficient, equitable, and sustainable use of water in irrigation, urban,  hydropower generation, and environmental issues under the potential impact of climate change and variability. Currently, he is working on estimating the impact of climate change and variability on water scarcity and food security. He developed frameworks which have been applied for Nile River Basin in Egypt, Balkh Basin in Afghanistan, and Barbados in Caribbean Region. He has some publications in the area of economic development and international trade. 

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