Dr. Akmal Nazir

Dr. Akmal Nazir |Clyto Access

Assistant Professor, University of Agriculture, Pakistan

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Functional foods and nutraceuticals, Premix membrane emulsification, Bioactive components, Food Technology, Agricultural Science

Dr. Akmal Nazir graduated in Food Technology as major subject in 2005 at University of Agriculture (Pakistan) where he completed his MSc (Hons.) in Food Technology in 2007 with thesis entitled "Extraction and Application of Natural Antioxidants from Various Plant Sources". In 2008, he got a scholarship from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to carry his PhD from Wageningen University, Netherlands and started his PhD in Food Process Engineering Group. Currently, he is serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Food Engineering at University of Agriculture, Pakistan. His doctorate thesis is about ‘Premix Emulsification Systems’. While in the Netherlands, he got chance to present his research work in various international conferences and he was selected for Young Researcher Award at European PhD Conference in Food Science and Technology held in Berlin in 2010. Moreover, he was also engaged in teaching and supervising master students during his PhD. His research interest covers microencapsulation for the controlled and targeted delivery of bioactive components inside the body. This will certainly add a valuable share towards development of functional foods and nutraceuticals, which for instance may also be one of the themes of Food Science & Nutrition Technology (FSNT). 

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