Dr. Alessandra Pelagalli

Dr. Alessandra Pelagalli |Clyto Access

University of Naples, Italy

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Platelet physiology, biochemistry, Cell culture, Protein expression, Aquaporins role

Bio: Dr. Alessandra Pelagalli is presently working as senior Researcher in University of Naples, Italy, Department of Advanced Biomedical Sciences in the areas of veterinary physiology. Dr. Alessandra Pelagalli worked in areas including animal platelet physiology and biochemistry. Her current interests are: role of bone mesenchymal stem cells and differentiation processes after different stimulation, role of proteins aquaporins in cell migration, role of aquaporins in permeability of different tissues in domestic animal species. Dr. Alessandra Pelagalli is corresponding author and peer reviewer of scientific papers in international journals and assistant researcher in some projects.

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