Dr. Andrei N Vzorov

Dr. Andrei N Vzorov |Clyto Access

D.I. Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, Russia

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Indetermining HIV-1 tropism, Using Envglycoproteins from a CD4-independent HIV-1, induce a broader neutralization activity and avidity, developing HIV vaccines with enhanced efficacy

Dr. Andrei N Vzorov received Ph.D. in virology from the D.I.Ivanovsky Instituteof Virology as well as an MDdegree from the I. M. Sechenov Medical Institute in Ph.D. studies he was amongthe first to use recombinant vaccinia viruses to express HIV structural proteins, demonstrated that expression of the unprocessed HIVGag (core)protein precursor with a  deleted C-terminus resultedin the assembly and release ofvirus-like particles(VLPs) in the absence of the other structural proteins. Carried out postdoctoral studies on HIV/SIV viruses with Richard Compans at the University of Alabama-Birminghambefore joining Emory (USA).

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