Dr. Bassim H. Hameed

Dr. Bassim H. Hameed |Clyto Access

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Catalytic Reaction Engineering, Catalytic Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Residues, Biodiesel Production Technology, Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP), Multi-function Catalysts for Glycerol Upgrading, Adsorption Separation Technology

Bio: Dr. Bassim H. Hameed, a professor at the School of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, has been recognized in Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers 2015 list, which identifies the world’s most influential contemporary researchers across 21 scientific fields. He was recognized for his work in the Engineering field. Professor Bassim is currently leading the Reaction Engineering and Adsorption (READ) research group. He is the only one to receive such recognition from Thomson Reuters in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

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