Dr. Carlos Augusto Pereira

Dr. Carlos Augusto Pereira |Clyto Access

Laboratorio de Imunologia Viral Av Vital, Brazil

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Virology, Immunology, Viral Vaccines, Animal Cell Culture Bio processes

Bio: Dr. Carlos Augusto Pereira was Born in São Paulo, Brazil and graduated at the University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. PhD at the University of Campinas, Brazil. Post-graduation at the Institute Pasteur, Paris, France and University of Wurzburg, Germany. He is an invited investigator at the Virology Institute at University of Strasbourg and Director of the Viral Immunology Laboratory at the Institute Butantan, São Paulo Brazil and also Invited Professor at the School of Biotechnology of the University of Strasbourg, France. Independent Consultant in Biotechnology.

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