Dr. Eugenio Cazzato

Dr. Eugenio Cazzato |Clyto Access

University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Heavy metals, Agricultural science, Waste management, Environmental research

Bio: Dr. Eugenio Cazzato is graduated in Agricultural Science at the University of Bari. He awarded the PhD in Mediterranean Agronomy at the University of Bari. He covers different teaching positions at the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (University of Bari). He is responsible of many scientific projects. His research is focused on: assessment of nitrogen fixation of grain and fodder crop legumes in the Mediterranean area; agronomic evaluation of forage species used as cover crop in vineyards and olive groves; seed production of annual fodder legume species; agronomic evaluation of forage grasses and leguminous species of tropical origin; bio-morphological characterization and agronomic evaluation of perennial grasses ecotypes; use of non conventional water resources in agriculture, and wastewater management sector focusing on heavy metals concentrations in vegetables. His scientific production consisted by more than 100 papers published in journals and international conferences. He is reviewers for many scientific indexed journals.

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