Dr. Jana Jandova

Dr. Jana Jandova |Clyto Access

Department of Surgery, University of Arizona, USA

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Molecular biology techniques, Genomic studies in early-onset colorectal cancer, Advanced molecular and cancer genetics

Bio: Dr. Jana Jandova is an US citizen, having been born in Slovakia where she received her undergraduate and master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry and Biotechnology prior to obtaining his Ph.D. in Medical Pharmacology in the Czech Republic in 2005 at Palacky University. She has been at the University of Arizona since 2005, working in the laboratory of Dr. Watts as a postdoctoral fellow studying the role of Cyr61 and Fn14 in colon, esophageal, breast and lung cancer. Since 2008, she was working as a research associate in the laboratory of Dr. Sligh in the Division of Dermatology where she was leading the laboratory efforts on a NIH-funded project to examine the role of mtDNA mutations in keratinocyte neoplasia. In 2011, she became a junior faculty member at the College of Medicine. Since 2014, she is a research assistant scientist in the department of Surgery, division of Surgical Oncology with the main research focus on colorectal cancer.

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