Dr. Jean-Marc Sabatier

Dr. Jean-Marc Sabatier |Clyto Access

CNRS, Marseille Area, France

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Animal toxins

Dr.Jean-Marc Sabatier is a Director of research at the French CNRS, with PhD and HDR degrees in Biochemistry and Microbiology. He headed several academic research teams (CNRS, INSERM and University), as well as a combined academic-industry research laboratory devoted to the engineering of therapeutic peptides (ERT62, Marseilles, France). He was also a Director of Research for several French private companies as well as a Canadian public company. He acts as a Consultant for top pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Dr. Sabatier works in the field of animal toxins. He so far contributed to several books in toxinology and virology, and more than 160 scientific articles, 180 communications, and 53 patents in both biology and chemistry. He is a member of 35 Editorial Boards of scientific journals, such as ‘Peptides’, ‘Toxins’, ‘Molecules’ and the ‘Journal of Biological chemistry’. He acts as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal ‘Infectious Disorders – Drug Targets’. He also reviewed articles submitted for publication in 74 international journals and acts as an expert for numerous institutions (ANR, CEA, CNRS, MRC, ISF, BARD, AIRD, IPT, Pasteur Institutes, Ville de Paris, Region Languedoc-Roussillon, Fondation Arthritis, etc.). He won the ‘Citizen of the Year Award’ from the Nouvel Economiste (1994) for his work on antivirals. He is a member of a dozen scientific societies, such as the ‘American Peptide Society’ (charter member), ‘European Peptide Society’, ‘American Society for Microbiology’, ‘Biochemical Society’ and ‘New-York Academy of Sciences’.

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