Dr. Raghuvir K. Arni

Dr. Raghuvir K. Arni |Clyto Access

Sao Paulo State University, Brazil

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Enzymes, Structural Biology, Crystallography, Biophysics

Bio: Dr. Raghuvir K. Arni is a Full Professor at the Department of Physics and Director of the Multiuser Center for Biomolecular Innovation, São Paulo State University, Brazil (www.cmib-unesp.com). He obtained his PhD in protein crystallography from the Free University/Technical University Berlin was a research associate at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg and at Michigan State University. His research focus is centered on the three-dimensional structures of proteins, primarily plant, animal and bacterial toxins and enzymes involved in blood coagulation. He is the author of over 130 scientific publications.

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