Dr. Rashmi Kandwal

Dr. Rashmi Kandwal |Clyto Access

Indian Institute of Technology, India

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Data analytics, Public health research, visualization, Geographical Information Systems, Spatial epidemiology, Healthcare research and analytics, market analytics and data modelling

Bio: She was a Senior Researcher at Public Health Foundation of India where she worked on a wide variety of public health issues. Her doctoral work focused on Health Geography where she studied the social determinations of HIV/AIDS in India and the planning and provision of health services using geospatial techniques and data modelling.  Currently at Navigant her work involves helping organizations throughout the continuum of care: providers, payers and life sciences companies by performing analytics on healthcare data that generates insights. Her work focuses mainly on data analytics, modelling, research and data visualization for clients in various content domains like Market Analytics, Payer and Contracting, Population Health/Value-Based Care etc.

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