Dr Reza Abdi

Dr Reza Abdi |Clyto Access

University of Bradford School of Management, UK

Editorial Board Member

Expertise: Environment Management, Sustainable Environments, Production/Operations Management, AHP/ANP, Information Systems

Bio: Dr Reza Abdi has 20 years of academic and industrial experience and consultancy in the areas of production and operations management, manufacturing engineering,supply chain management, and decision support systems, particularly in the areasof multi-criteria decision modelling, analytical hierarchical process (AHP), analytical network process (ANP), computer modelling and simulation, fuzzy logic, Markov chains, and systems dynamics. He has published a number of highly cited peer reviewed journal articles, two research books (in process), and several book chapters and 30+ papers in international conference proceedings in the area of operations management and reconfigurable manufacturing, information management, and environment management.Dr Reza Abdi has successfully completed supervision of 6 doctoral theses and completed a number of innovative technology projects in the area of manufacturing system, supply chain management and lean manufacturing, computer simulation, data mining, quality management and six sigma, information management, and environment management. Reza is currently supervising 5 doctoralstudents in the area of supply chain risk management, performance management system, and strategic management. Reza has supervised 60+ master dissertations including a number of company-based projects in various subjects including manufacturing systems and supply chain and operations and information management.

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