Dr. Xiaoxin Ye

Dr. Xiaoxin Ye |Clyto Access

Joining and Welding Institute, Osaka University, Japan

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Green materials processing, Surface coating, Nanomaterials, Energy materials, Biomaterials


Xiaoxin Ye (Ph.D), Department of Composite Materials Processing, Joining and Welding Institute (JWRI), Osaka University, Japan and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, China. My research fields involve the biomedical titanium alloy processing/characterization, surface modification, mechanical/corrosion/biocompatibility property. My research is currently about electropulsing-assisted processing and characterization of titanium alloy. Electropulsing ultrasonic striking and electropulsing-induced topographical oxidation have been also brought in to modify the materials surface for improving the microhardness, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility with the help of nanocrystallization and nanostructured oxide. My research interests include green materials processing, surface coating, nanomaterials, energy materials and biomaterials.

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