Ms. Di Cao

Ms. Di Cao |Clyto Access

Xiamen University, China

Poster Presentation

Expertise: Evaluation of the spatial and temporal variability of nutrients and their relations with environmental variables, Nitrogen fixation and denitrification in coral reef ecosystems, Particulate organic matter and food web studies (analysis of d13C and d15N)


Miss Di cao has graduated in Resource-Environment and City-Countryside Planning Management from Henan University, china in the year 2011. Currently, she is doing her PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering at Xiamen University, China. Her work is mainly focused is on nitrogen migration and transformation in aquatic systemsShe has participated in 4 academic conferences which include the 4th University Consortium on Aquatic Sciences (UCAS), Australian Coral Reef Society Conference, the 7th International Conference on Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicology, Cross-Strait Island Sustainable Development Forum, Oral, Global river nutrient export: past, present, and future. Presently she had 4 publications in reputed journals.




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