Ms.Sandra Rochnowski

Ms.Sandra Rochnowski  |Clyto Access

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiteri Hochschule, Heilbronn

Organizing Committee Member

Expertise: Management systems, Strategies for sustainability,Quality management in the Hospitality and Tourism sector

Dr. Sandra Rochnowski is the CEO and Founder of Infracert – Institute for Sustainable Development in the Hostel Industry, based in Berlin. The audit system of the company and the sustainability seal “Green Sign” have been developed as a practice-oriented method to evaluate and structure the ecological, social and economic aspects of hotel management. Together with her business partner, Sandra works on granting hotel operators easy access to consulting services, audits and sustainability courses. 

In collaboration with renowned companies and partners, she is currently working on her dissertation relating Workplace Health Promotion of managers (completing her work in 2017). She is also employed at the University of Applied Sciences in Heilbronn, Germany. As a scientific member of staff in the Department of International Business, she teaches classes regarding sustainable tourism and health tourism. As an auditor and project manager she was involved with the implementation of the Eco-management and Audit Scheme and supports different sustainability projects at the University. 
Together with her students she is working on different research projects regarding sustainable tourism and health tourism with the collaboration of renowned businesses. Sandra is the chairwoman and initiator of the first Heilbronn Sustainability Symposium (October 2016), which will host many well-known consultants and aims to offer a platform for an active exchange between experts with many years of experience, ambitious founders and committed students. 

As a business economist, Sandra is focused on the studies of management systems, strategies for sustainability and quality management in the hospitality and tourism sector. Therefore, she has published articles on sustainability-related topics for established trade journals and was invited as a speaker to major tourism-related conventions (e.g. ITB Berlin).
Prior to joining the University, she worked for national and international tourism businesses (such as TUI Hotels & Resorts, Germany) and was involved with activities in marketing, sustainability and health-management.

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